Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Granny Square

(This is something I had meant to post 3-4 months back, but I got busy with going for umrah, then my in-laws coming over.... I totally forgot about it. But it's not like I made much of a head way with this since then :) )

When I had gone out shopping I came across these lovely yarns... such fine yarns, rich, beautiful coloured cotton yarns.... I've only ever used acrylic yarns and these cotton ones felt great to work with.
I got into knitting and crocheting when I was pregnant and since then I've always liked it. I dont get much time with it so I'm still a beginner.. just know the basic stitches. I had started off with knitting first, then went on to learn crochet.. all through youtube.

There were black, light blue, orange, pink, purple and these two colours. My hands first went to the pink and purples (ofcourse :)), but I decided to go for some other combinations. I wanted to try out granny squares. It's quite simple is what I've read, but I'd never tried it.

I went on to search in google and found a really good blog on crochet.... with a very simple explanation on granny squares. This one:

I picked up easily and managed to make one granny square.

This pic shows my first square. I'm not sure what I'm finally gona make with the squares... they're quite loose stitches....

Here is the finished first granny square. It's not a big as it appears in the pic. I might buy some other colours too to make it more lively. This is all treble crochet with 2 chain separation.

I guess I'll use black to finally bind all the squares together. Black and grey would go well together. I also want to put some red and yellow into it.

And here is the second square. It's been more than 2 months since I started this one but I never seem to get the time or when I do, I would be in a mood for a book. I completed the first square when my sis-in-law, Insha, was here. She loves to crochet too and when I got company I got into it. Started the 2nd also when she was here, but haven't touched it since she left.

So, what do you think? Should I make it into a blanket? Or a bag? Or something else?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ayaan's Caaa...

My husband was in a real jolly mood on Friday coz he got his CISM exam result that morning and he had cleared it. He went like, "Let's buy Ayaan a Car!"
Ayaan is always getting into those big toy cars those that run on batteries. Every time we enter any toy shop he finds those cars and gets in it... :)

We had seen one in Lulu Hypermarket which was really good. A big red Jeep!

We thought of checking out CentrePoint, BabyShop. We did see similar Jeeps but they werent as impressive, though they cost almost the same as the ones in Lulu.

It was late night, didnt have time to go check some other place... but we wanted to buy him something and finally end up buying this.... It's the 'My first Activity Ride-on'...

It's ToyStory's Buzz Lightyear!!
Ayaan has no clue who that is, ofcourse.. :) but he loves his new, "CAAAA!!!"

There's Woody...

And lots of button to play with...

Yet more stuff to keep him occupied...

He loves the noises they make...

The seat can be lifted. Ayaan tries to put all his toys in there... and cries when they dont fit in...

You see that thing tied to the back? It's a helium balloon....

Happy Feet !!

I'm trying to wean him from breast feeding and this has been a great distraction...
As of now, its his fav caaa!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The card I made for my mom! :)

This is how it looks ...

I've always loved making card. I love the leaves and delicate stems in this one... :)
I made it for my mom for her birthday as the card says... but her birthday is still a few months away. I thought of making one now anyway... :) 
The leaves were made using a punch. Rest is just water colours. That's something else I love. Painting! :).. will put up pics of some of my works if I can find them. Lately I dont get time for anything much...

I bought a few punches and now I'm trying to make use of it. :P There are so many varieties out there.. I feel like buying them all... 

There is a machine that lets you cut the desired shape.. My aim is to buy that one day...

When I looked at the cost on page, it was like $99. I thought, why not, I will get that as birthday gift or something.. But when I went to the shop to have a good look at, it says $599!!!! + $99 for the software!! Damn.. I really would have loved to get that one!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun, when we least expected it... at The Meydan Racecourse

Saturday morning, Hafizka's cousin and wife called up saying they'll be dropping in after attending their daughter's Sports Day. Her school is near our place...

I cooked up some lunch and we headed out after a bit of tea around 4:30 in the evening...
Ayaan delayed our departure a bit by pooing in his diapers when we got into the car.. :)

Hafizka's cousins love exploring new places. They have been to most places in Dubai, so touring around with them is fun...
They had been to the Meydan before of course, but as we hadn't we headed there...
The Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse is considered an ultimate venue for horse racing. 
The Meydan also has the world's first track-side 5-star hotel... 285 suites offering direct, unobstructed views of the racing action... and also has an IMAX theatre, the Meydan Musem and Gallery...

We didnt actually see all that :) .... we went to see the racecourse without a clue that it was the racing season.. and there were races going to be held that particular day. It was free.. no ticket... so we got in to see why such a rush...

The race course was wow!!

This pic hardly captured how beautiful it really was...
I had never been to a horse race... this was fun... :). We were given the program guide, a lucky draw slip where we just had to give our name and mobile no., and an entry form (to put in our predicted outcome of the races)
We couldnt make head or tail out of the form :P
An Arab guy behind helped Hafizka out... :D

I was least bit bothered with the forms... i was more interested in the program guide... I loooove races... the thrill of the running..... :) the horses were sooo beautiful.... I really wanted to take more pics of the race and the horses... they were quite far thou... and ayaan got into cranky mood around the 2nd race (which was amazing! found this link on youtube of the race: )

I got ayaan to sleep right after the 4th race... we stayed there long enough to check out the lucky draw winner and the 5th race... then we got home... the last race was around 9:25 pm...
We needed to get home... the kids had school the next day.. and the guys had office...

All in all it was a fun day :) I really enjoyed it...

The next race is on 2nd Feb according to their site:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Get-Well-Soon Card for Prisilla

My friend's 1 year old daughter hasnt been feeling well for a few days now...

Yesterday when I came to know this, I thought of making a card... a get well soon card from Ayaan to Prisilla.... :)

The idea of card making came to me because Steffy had told me she loooves making them. I had never made one myself unless those for school craft work :)
Thought I'd give it a shot anyway....
I used all the old newspapers and magazines I had.... not surprising I found all the cutting/pasting really fun... :) I used to love craft works... its just that now-a-days I don't get the time for it...

Here's how it turned out..

This is the front...
I hope ur not laughing :) its my first attempt :)

Don't look at the right side.... I was planning on writing something there.. but forgot all about it... and it looks soo silly... Ayaan messed up the top part and I had to cut it out....
But the left side I really like... cutting out all the alphabets... different sizes, fonts, colors....
It was really fun! :) I might make some more cards just for the fun of cutting and putting all together..

Ayaan wouldnt give Prisilla the card... I gave it to her myself... because you see, Ayaan is scared of Prisilla....
He's older than her by 8 or 9 months.... I don't know why, but the moment she comes near him he starts crying... He likes small kids... I havent seen him react like this to any other kid. Yes, he doesnt take well to strangers... but crying when a small kid comes near him? Nope, thats a first....
He'll have to get used to her I guess... :)

While making this card in the morning I got so engrossed in it that I didnt notice Ayaan had spread rice all over the place. Yesterday it was almond oil on bed and today rice....

Thus ends my first venture into card making :)

Jungle Junction....

Pocoyo has taken a backseat... and as of now, Jungle Junction is Ayaan's favourite!

Ayaan loves the music and songs in jungle junction... It's all very lively and wonderful.
Even I love it :D
Zooter's soo energetic... love her British accent...
Ellyvan... I find Ellyvan a bit silly but sweet...
Bungo... he is like a know-it-all.... :)
And Taxi-crab reminds me of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.

And the rest of the characters... all so sweet...
Watching all this with Ayaan had made me a kid all over again....I'm loving it :). We never really grow out of our childishness. It's always there inside no matter how old you are. And now I appreciate both kiddo and adult stuff.

We love the Introduction song:

Deep inside the jungle, far from anywhere,
There's a place that no one knows,
But we can take you there!

It's Jungle Junction!
It's Jungle Junction!
Jungle Junction!

Life is fast and friendly,
And everyone you meet,
Buzzes around on high speed roads
with wheels instead of feet!

At Jungle Junction!
At Jungle Junction!
Jungle Junction!

Now Zooter zoom's around,
She keeps the jungle running right
(Get the message)

Ellyvan the elephant is ready day and night, (Hello)
That fussy bunny Bungo, wants to know when you'll arrive
So if you got the need for speed,
Come on let's take a drive..

To Jungle Junction!
To Jungle Junction!
Jungle Junction!

That Jungle Junction!
That Jungle Junction!
Jungle Junction!

Check out this site:

This is an awesome site for everything Jungle Junction. There are videos, games, colouring and some activities. Ayaan found it fun to click on everything :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tiger Boo!!! We Looove him!!

Ayaan Hafeez proudly presents.... HIS NEW CAAARR!!!! :D

It's a small little thing and he loves it... :)

He has been cranky since he woke up this morning. We did a little video chat with my mom & elder sis, Shahmida back in Saudi. He wanted to exercise. So we did a bit of exercise. Then he wanted to watch some Pocoyo. So we watched Pocoyo.... then some jungle junction...
Today was one of those days where nothing I do seemed to please him.

I was just randomly clicking on youtube videos to try to pacify him when i came across this:

I am Boo the little tiger, and I'm still kinda young.
My mama says I'm clumsy, but I think it's so fun.
I like to hide in bushes, and catch a butterfly.
Sometimes I trip over, but I don't really mind.

Heee-llo, baya dum pam
Heee-llo, baya dum pam
Heee-llo, baya dum pam

I am the Tiger Boo...

Such a cute song!! It's a German cartoon it seems...

He wanted to play this on repeat the whole day... the last video he wanted on repeat wasn't something soo appealing to me or Hafizka ( ) . At least I was used to all this from Ayaan but Hafizka was like, "Why do we have this on repeat?!" But ofcourse, we had to bow to the wishes of the Head of the house... :D

This Tiger Boo is tooo cute!!! I think I can bare the million times i will have to listen to this on repeat... :)